My Name is Wafri Eiman.. just call me Eiman

Name : Wafri Eiman 
Age : 7 month old
Favourite Food : Nestle Cerelac & Heinz Apple juice & anything you put inside my mouth!
Favourite Drink : Karihome Milk & my mom's original milk.. haha
Hobby : Grab things and Put it inside my mouth!.. especially Mummy's tudung! My feveret.
Ambition : Mummy said i should be a doctor one day.. daddy said i can be anything i want.. we'll see
Favourite TV Show : Mickey Mouse & Hi5 & Upin Ipin
Sleep time : depend... i love to bully Mummy n Daddy 1st b4 i went to sleep
Wake up time : As early at 4am... to continue bully mummy and daddy!

ok.. my pose for you! ..

am i cute?

ok sekian.

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